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       Face it....our cars are an extension of ourselves.We hang our dangles from the mirror, buy boss hub caps and message license plate covers, tree frog seat and steering wheel covers, lift kits and loud mufflers; our cars define us. 

      Not only do we rely on them to get us to where we are going, but they can be a main source of entertainment.

       We all know our cars need constant maintenance. Just like our house door locks, our car locks need a little TLC from time to time. If you carry your keys in your pockets, dirt and lint can transfer to the inside of your lock and cause the lock to stick. Dirt from the road can do the same thing.

        Did you know a worn key can actually damage your locks and ignition? And the weight from having too many keys on your key ring can cause damage as well. 


     At Phil's Lock & Key, we can cut that worn key back to factory specifications, reducing the damage to your locks. Or, in many instances, we can repair those locks if the damage has already happened. 

      We can rekey new door locks to your existing keys. We can clean your locks if they become sticky. 

      And of course, we can copy your keys: standard cut keys, laser cut keys and transponder keys



Transponder key
Laser cut key
damaged key

      Does your car ignition, keys or door locks  need a little TLC? Don't wait until you're in trouble; call Phil's Lock & Key for some preventative medicine.


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