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      Have you ever had one of those days? You're running late, you have to drop the baby at the babysitter's, stop at the post office and then the store before you can go to work. You come out of the post office to find not only has it started to rain, but you can't find your keys. You thought you had put them in your coat pocket, but they are not there. You head to your car, covering your head with the mail, look through the window, and there they are. Sitting on the seat. Laughing at you!



      Phil's Lock and Key can be there quickly. With our friendly, professional, auto locksmith service, we can  have you back on the road in no time. And with our competitive prices, we won't break your pocketbook. 

      So what happens when, after we have unlocked your car, and the keys are not there? You have frantically searched through every nook and cranny in your car. Floor mats are lying in the sand beside your car, beach towels are crumpled on the top. Your picnic basket is dumped out, pants pockets pulled out, and nothing. The keys are nowhere to be found. You figure with the tides running the way they are today, those keys are half way  to Hawaii, taking the vacation you always wanted to.

      Don't worry; we are skilled at car key replacement. Whether is't cutting a code key or decoding a lock, we can replace that vacationing key in no time. 

      So, have you ever had one of those days? Call Phil's Lock & Key                      541-269-5285

AAA locksmith

      Phil's Lock & Key is the AAA lockout service provider in this area.  If you are a AAA member call


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