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      How many people have left your employment is the last five years? Did those people have keys to your business? Did you get those keys back? 

      If not, your business could be at risk of a break in. 

      Has someone lost their keys for your business? Has someone lent their keys to another person?

      If so, your business could be at risk of a break in. 

      The security of your business is important to you. It's important to us, too, and there are  several ways you can improve the safety of your building. Re-keying the locks to eliminate the possible misuse of those missing keys is a good place to start. A master key system is an easy way to restrict access to more than one door in your building.                                     Electronic locks, such as Trilogy locks, adds easy, push-button access to compliment the added security. 




More secure locks.

      Using grade one or two locks greatly adds to the security of your business, as will using proprietary, or restricted, locks. With a restricted key-way lock, you must go to your locksmith to get key copies as these keys are generally unavailable to hardware stores. This significantly helps to control who has copies to your keys. 

      Grade one or two locks, just like with  residential locks, are  better made, therefore,  stronger and more secure. 

Safe sales and service.
Floor Safe

      A fire-proof safe is almost a must for any business. Important papers, petty cash and deposits, extra keys; all of these need to be kept secure. 

      With the many design options available, we can help you to choose the safe that best meets your needs. And we can help you by servicing the safe if you need the combination changed or general maintenance

Have questions about your business security? We are here to help you. Call with your questions or to schedule an appointment.


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