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Kwikset deadbolt
Kwikset key
Schlage key
Schlage deadbolt
Kwikset latch plate, Schlage latch plate

      When you call to have your locks rekeyed, we will ask you some questions, such as "how many locks/deadbolts are there?", and "what type of locks are they?". Most people don't know how to find the type of lock or key, so if you fall into this catagory, don't feel bad. The information is very easy to find.

     To begin with, the two most popular types of locks are Kwikset and Schlage. 

      If you look at the two pictures above, you can see the examples of each key. Schlage has a number of SC1, and Kwickset has a number of KW1. Depending on the manufacturer of the key, they may not have the name stamped on one side. They may not have the numbers on the side either. However, the shape of the head will always be the same. 


    If you don't have the keys because they have been lost or stolen, you still may be able to determine the type of locks. 

      Many times the deadbolts will have the name stamped on the face of the lock.

      Door knobs are a little different. Most brands of knobs do not have the manufacturer name on them. However, if you look at the latch, many manufactures will stamp their brand name on the latch plate.  

Even if you can not find any of this information on your locks or keys, don't be dismayed; your locks are still rekeyable. It will just take a visit from us to determine what type of lock you have. 

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      The last question we will have for you pertains to deadbolts. We will need to know if they are single or double deadbolts. A single deadbolt will have a keyway on one side of the lock and a thumb turn on the other side, while double deadbolts have keyways on both sides of the lock. 

      And just for your information, double deadbolts are recommended if you have a window in your door. 

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