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Car key replacement
Transponder key programming equipment


      While these keys give the added security many customers desire, it can prove difficult to obtain duplicate keys. Special equipment is needed to cut and program the keys. 

      At Phil's Lock & Key, we have some of the newest machines available in the locksmithing industry. That means we can cut and program many of the new keys. 

Call us to schedule a time to duplicate your transponder key.




    Transponder keys are the new generation in automotive security. These keys contain a small chip embedded in the head of the key that communicates with the computer in your vehicle. This chip is uniquely programmed to your car. When a key with the correct programming is used, it tells the car it is safe to start.

     If you have a vehicle equipped with a transponder key system, there a few things you should know:

      First, it is usually easier to duplicate a key than to originate a key. 

      Second, it is also more cost effective to have a duplicate key made than to originate a key. 

Transponder key
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