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      Residential. Another word for residential is home. Where you live. Where you raise your children. Where you put your feet up at night. And...where you store your "stuff". 

      Your home needs to be safe. Your home needs to be secure. That means your home needs to have good quality, working locks.

      Of all the items we use daily, doorknobs are probably taken for granted the most.  Multiple times a day, we turn the knob, lock the door, unlock the door, slam the door; the wear and tear is endless.

      How often do you think about the locks and knobs on your doors? For most people, it's when the lock fails, and you can't get in, or your toddler locks himself in the bathroom and you lost the key years ago. 

     At Phil's Lock & Key, we can help you take care of these issues. We can rescue the toddler as well as fix the failed lock. We can also advise you on improving your security.


      So when it comes to your home security, most people don't realize there are multiple "grades" of locks. What this means is you can have a lock on your home that is just as strong as a commercial lock. This adds up to more secure doors to keep you safer in your home. 

      This goes for deadbolts as well; the lower the "grade" number, the stronger the lock is. It's not common for most hardware stores to carry these types of locks. Big box stores will carry the higher grade number, therefore the lower level of security. 

      So what happens when someone steals your keys, or you have too many people who have copies of your key? Phil's can help you with that as well. Rekeying, or changing the tumblers in your locks, is an easy and inexpensive way to regain the security you desire.  And with our competitive pricing Phil's Lock & Key is an excellent choice to help in regaining control over your security. 

      All that being said, did you know many insurance companies may give you a break on your homeowner's policy if you have deadbolts? Check with your insurance company to see if this applys to you. 


Yale nightlatch
standard door knob
Pocket door deadbolt
lever handlelock
Kwikset deadbolt
grades of locks

 So if after reading this,

 you have any questions about your home security, give us a call; we would be delighted to help.


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